Geometry and Mathematical Physics


Courses of the Academic Year 2016-2017

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Alessandro Michelangeli Mathematical Quantum Mechanics I 40 h Oct - Dec
Boris Dubrovin Differential Geometry 50 h Oct - Jan
Cesare Reina Geometry of Gauge Fields 80 h Oct - Jan
Ugo Bruzzo Algebraic Geometry 40 h Oct - Jan
Davide Guzzetti Introduction to linear ODE's in the complex domain 20 h Oct - Dec
Barbara Fantechi Algebraic Surfaces 40 h Oct - Jan
Koen van den Dungen Introduction to C*-algebras and applications 20 h Oct-Dec
Vladimir Rubtsov Algebraic aspects of Poisson geometry 20 h Oct-Dec
Jacopo Stoppa Kähler Geometry 60 h Oct - Feb
Don Zagier Seminars on Arithmetic and Topology of differential equations 30 h Oct - Dec
Jacopo Stoppa Topics in algebro-geometric stability 50 h Oct - Feb
Ludwik Dabrowski Non-commutative Geometry 40 h Nov - Feb
Alessandro Michelangeli Mathematical Methods in Quantum Statistical Physics 40 h Jan - Mar
Antonio Lerario Stochastic Geometry 40 h January-May
Marco Bertola Random Matrices 60 h Jan - Mar
Tamara Grava Riemann surfaces and integrable systems 90 h Jan - May
Cesare Reina Representation Theory 60 h Feb - Jun
Francesco Maggi Geometric inequalities and stability problems 20 h Feb - Mar
Boris Dubrovin Symplectic Geometry 30 h Spring
Alessandro Tanzini Introduction to Topological Field Theory 30 h Mar - Apr


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