Geometry and Mathematical Physics


Courses of the Academic Year 2017-2018

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Alessandro Tanzini Introduction to Topological Field Theories 40 h Mar - Apr
Barbara Fantechi Introduction to algebraic curves 40 h Oct - Dec
Cesare Reina Representation Theory 50 h Feb - Jun
Davide Guzzetti Introduction to linear ODEs in complex domain 40 h Oct - Dec
Jacopo Stoppa Differential Geometry 50 h Oct - Jan
Koen van den Dungen Introduction to C*-algebras 20 h Oct - Nov
Ludwik Dabrowski Non-commutative Geometry 40 h Nov - Feb
Marco Bertola Asymptotic Analysis: orthogonal polynomials, integrable wave equations, and random matrices 40 h Feb - Mar
Tamara Grava Riemann surfaces and Integrable systems 50 h Jan - Mar
Ugo Bruzzo Algebraic Geometry 50 h Oct - Jan
Rafael Torres Almost-complex and generalized complex geometry 50 h Oct - Feb
Andrei Agrachev Mathematical control theory 60 h October-February
Shehryar Sikander Geometry and quantization of moduli spaces of Higgs bundles 20 h Oct - Nov
Paolo Antonini - Koen van den Dungen Dirac operators on manifolds with boundary 20 h Jan - Mar
Fernando Villegas (ICTP) Short Course on Character Varieties 8 h Jan - Feb
Antonio Lerario Topology of smooth maps 30 h end of March - end of May
Marcello Porta (University of Tubingen) Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Transport Theory 20 h Feb - Mar
Cesare Reina Geometry of gauge theories 20 h Mar
Cesare Reina Tools of mathematical finance 20 h Mar
Cesare Reina Higher algebra - Representation theory 50 h Mar-Jun


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