Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications


Courses of the Academic Year 2018-2019

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Alberto Sartori Advanced Programming 48 h October-January
Andrei Agrachev Nonlinear Analysis 50 h October - January
Antonio Lerario Introduction to smooth manifolds -- Advanced Geometry 2 for MsC 50 h October-January
Gianni Dal Maso BV functions 60 h October-February
Giovanni Noselli Topics in Continuum Mechanics 60 h October - February
Guido De Philippis Free Boundary Problems 20 h October-November
Luca Heltai - Gianluigi Rozza Applied Mathematics: numerical analysis and scientific computing 48 h October-January
Guido De Philippis Harmonic Analysis 40 h November-February
Nicola Gigli Optimal Transport: theory and applications 60 h January-May
Ugo Boscain Control theory and applications in Quantum Mechanics 20 h January
Stefano Bianchini Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws 60 h February - March
Stefano Bianchini Linear transport equations 60 h February - March
Luca Heltai Numerical Solution of PDEs Using the Finite Element Method 20 h February - March
Andrei Agrachev Introduction to sub-Riemannian geometry 40 h March - May
Antonio De Simone Mechanics of biological systems 30 h March-June
Gianluigi Rozza Reduced Order Methods for Computational Mechanics 20 h April 2019
Fabio Cavalletti Functional Analysis 50 h March-June
Luca Heltai Advanced Finite Element Analysis 20 h March
Gianluigi Rozza Topics in Computational Fluid Dynamics 20 h April-May
Alessandro Lucantonio Mechanics and Geometry of Active Materials 20 h May-June
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