Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications


Courses of the Academic Year 2016-2017

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Roberta Musina Topological and variational methods in critical point theory 40 h October-January
Alessandro Lucantonio Non-linear Mechanics of Soft Active Materials: Theory and Applications 20 h May-June
Antonio De Simone Topics in Continuum Mechanics 60 h October-February
Gianluigi Rozza Computational Mechanics by Reduced Order Methods 20 h March
Gianluigi Rozza Topics in Computational Fluid Dynamics 20 h April-June
Guido De Philippis Geometric Measure Theory 60 h October-April
Massimiliano Berti Dynamics of nonlinear PDEs 50 h November-March
Nicola Gigli Introduction to PDEs 50 h October-January
Ugo Boscain Geometric control 20 h April-May
Luca Heltai - Gianluigi Rozza Applied Mathematics: an Introduction to Scientific Computing 48 h October-January
Gianni Dal Maso Gamma-convergence 60 h October-February
Antonio Lerario Stochastic Geometry 40 h January-May
Francesco Maggi Geometric inequalities and stability problems 16 h February-March
Hui-Chun Zhang Topics in Alexandrov geometry January-February
Dario Bambusi Reducibility and KAM theory in PDEs 20 h March-May
Giovanni Bellettini Some results on Plateau's type problems 20 h March-June
Luca Heltai, Martin Kronbichler Numerical Solution of PDEs Using the Finite Element Method (AMMA, MHPC) 20 h 15-20 May 2017
Massimiliano Morini Geometric flows 20 h May-June
Luca Heltai Advanced Finite Element Analysis (AMMA) 20 h
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