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Ground state energy of mixture of Bose gases

TitleGround state energy of mixture of Bose gases
Publication TypePreprint
AuthorsMichelangeli, A, Nam, PThanh, Olgiati, A
Document NumberSISSA;13/2018/MATE

We consider the asymptotic behavior of a system of multi-component
trapped bosons, when the total particle number N becomes large. In the dilute regime,
when the interaction potentials have the length scale of order O(N-1), we show that the
leading order of the ground state energy is captured correctly by the Gross-Pitaevskii
energy functional and that the many-body ground state fully condensates on the Gross-
Pitaevskii minimizers. In the mean-field regime, when the interaction length scale is
O(1), we are able to verify Bogoliubov's approximation and obtain the second order expansion of the ground state energy. While such asymptotic results have several precursors in the literature on one-component condensates, the adaption to the multi-component setting is non-trivial in various respects and the analysis will be presented in details

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