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Shape Optimization and Reduced Order Models for the Hydro-acoustic Design of Marine Propellers.

Research Group: 
Mahmoud Gadalla
Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 15:00

In the naval field it is of particular interest to find solutions for the reduction of hydro-acoustic noise due to the operation of marine propellers, in order to improve both on-board comfort and environmental impact during navigation. In this regard, the PRELICA project "Advanced Methodologies for Hydro-acoustic Design of Naval Propulsion" aims at reducing such emissions through an (i) accurate reconstruction of the fluid dynamic fields, (ii) efficient prediction of the radiated noise at all frequencies, (iii) optimal shape design of the marine propellers.

In this seminar, and after a brief introduction to the project, we present the tools developed for the parametric shape construction of marine propellers, as well as the conducted analysis using the Active Subspaces property to determine the influential geometrical parameters on the hydro-acoustic performance. After that we address the efforts done in the reduced order fashion, so as to reconstruct and predict the fluid dynamic and acoustic data through various  models, principally via the Dynamic Mode Decomposition and the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition with Interpolation and/or Galerkin projection. A final discussion towards the current findings and the future plans and perspectives are to be addressed.



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