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Saddam Hijazi

shijazi (at)
Phone Number: 
040 3787 853
Essential Bio: 

I am a first year Phd student in the MAMA program. I have done my bachelor in telecommunications engineering at An-Najah univeristy in Nablus, Palestine. Then I have joined Erasmus joint master program called MathMods (Mathematical Modelling in Engineering) where I have studied in two universities which are University of L'Aquila in Italy and University of Hamburg in Germany. I have done my master thesis under the supervision of Professor Gianluigi Rozza with Dr Andrea Mola and Dr Giovanni Stabile as co-adivsors. My thesis title was Reduced order methods for computational fluid dynamics parametric problems with finite volume discretization. Where we have dealt with the problem of flow around circular cylinder as a FSI problem with many interesting features from both the physical and mathematical pointview.

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