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Professors (65)
Associate Professors (73)
Assistant Professors (66)
Postdocs (78)
Teachers (10)
Non-academics (50)
Others (5)
Unknowns (17)

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Name Origin Year Phd Denominationsort descending Position Country
Tommaso Matteini Italy 2014 Geometry Postdoc France
Antonio Lerario Italy 2011 Geometry Associate Professor Italy
Fabio Perroni Italy 2005 Geometry Associate Professor Italy
Fosco Loregian Italy 2016 Geometry Postdoc Estonia
Jacopo Vittorio Scalise Italy 2016 Geometry Teacher United Kingdom
Massimiliano Ronzani Italy 2016 Geometry Postdoc Switzerland
Alice Ambrosio Italy 2016 Geometry Non-academic United States
Vincenzo Cambò Italy 2017 Geometry Unknown
Giorgio Scattareggia Italy 2017 Geometry Assistant Professor Norway
Pietro Tortella Italy 2011 Geometry Non-academic Italy
Stefano Maggiolo Italy 2012 Geometry Non-academic United Kingdom
Flavia Poma Italy 2012 Geometry Non-academic United Kingdom
Pietro Giavedoni Italy 2012 Geometry Non-academic Germany
Matteo Tommasini Italy 2012 Geometry Non-academic Austria
Alberto Celotto Italy 2017 Geometry Unknown
Mattia Cafasso Italy 2008 Geometry Assistant Professor France
Fabrizio Coiai Italy 2004 Geometry Non-academic United Kingdom
Yassir Ibrahim Dinar Sudan 2007 Geometry Assistant Professor Oman
Emanuele Macri' Italy 2006 Geometry Professor France
Annibale Magni Italy 2009 Geometry Non-academic Germany
Cristina Manolache Romania 2009 Geometry Postdoc United Kingdom
Luca Philippe Mertens Italy 2009 Geometry Non-academic United States
Fabio Nironi Italy 2008 Geometry Assistant Professor United States
Francesco Noseda Italy 2007 Geometry Associate Professor Brazil
Nicola Tito Pagani Italy 2009 Geometry Other United Kingdom
Paolo Rossi Italy 2008 Geometry Associate Professor Italy
Francesco Sala Italy 2011 Geometry Assistant Professor Italy
Francesco Sorrentino Italy 2019 Geometry and Mathematical Physics Unknown
Giordano Cotti Italy 2017 Geometry and Mathematical Physics Postdoc United Kingdom
Giulio Ruzza Italy 2019 Geometry and Mathematical Physics Postdoc Belgium


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