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Associate Professors (71)
Assistant Professors (56)
Postdocs (63)
Teachers (9)
Non-academics (44)
Others (1)
Unknowns (22)

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Name Origin Year Phd Denomination Position Countrysort descending
Benjamin Kipkirui Kikwai Kenya 2016 Geometry Unknown
Gharchia Abdellaoui Algeria 2013 Mathematical Physics Non-academic
Luca Cesarano Italy 2018 Geometry and Mathematical Physics Unknown
Elena Andreini Italy 2007 Mathematical Physics Non-academic
Shafqat Ali Pakistan 2018 Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications Unknown
Andrea Maiorana Italy 2018 Geometry and Mathematical Physics Unknown
Riccardo Iraso Italy 2018 Geometry and Mathematical Physics Unknown
Alessandro Zucca Italy 2013 Mathematical Physics Unknown
Dario Merzi Italy 2015 Mathematical Physics Unknown
Vincenzo Cambò Italy 2017 Geometry Unknown
Alberto Celotto Italy 2017 Geometry Unknown
Matteo Caorsi Italy 2018 Geometry and Mathematical Physics Unknown
Gaspare Carbone Italy 2000 Mathematical Physics Unknown
Stefano Cavallaro Italy 1997 Mathematical Physics Unknown
Emanuele Costa Italy 2010 Mathematical Physics Unknown
Gabriele Gionti Italy 1998 Mathematical Physics Unknown
Rayhane Karbalaii Ghomi Iran 2012 Mathematical Physics Unknown
Alessandro Mossa Italy 2004 Mathematical Physics Unknown
Nicola Tito Pagani Italy 2009 Geometry Unknown
Claudio Luigi Stefano Rava Italy 2012 Mathematical Physics Unknown
He Wu China 1992 Functional Analysis and Applications Unknown
Giuliano Lazzaroni Italy 2009 Applied Mathematics Postdoc Austria
Shokhrukh Kholmatov Uzbekistan 2017 Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications Postdoc Austria
Matteo Tommasini Italy 2012 Geometry Non-academic Austria
Elisa Davoli Italy 2012 Applied Mathematics Postdoc Austria
Massimo Fonte Italy 2005 Functional Analysis and Applications Postdoc Austria
Marco Matassa Italy 2014 Mathematical Physics Postdoc Belgium
Aymard Degla Guy Berin 2001 Functional Analysis and Applications Assistant Professor Benin
Fabio Ferrari Ruffino Italy 2009 Mathematical Physics Assistant Professor Brasil
Alex Massarenti Italy 2013 Geometry Associate Professor Brazil


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