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Professors (61)
Associate Professors (71)
Assistant Professors (57)
Postdocs (63)
Teachers (9)
Non-academics (44)
Others (1)
Unknowns (21)

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Name Origin Year Phd Denomination Position Countrysort descending
Alessandro Turco Italy 2008 Applied Mathematics Non-academic Italy
Monica Ugaglia Italy 1998 Mathematical Physics Postdoc Italy
Giusi Vaira Italy 2010 Mathematical Analysis Assistant Professor Italy
Barbara Visintin Italy 1998 Functional Analysis and Applications Non-academic Italy
Enrico Vitali Italy 1992 Functional Analysis and Applications Associate Professor Italy
Fabio Vlacci Italy 1997 Functional Analysis and Applications Assistant Professor Italy
Alessandro Zampa Italy 1999 Mathematical Physics Teacher Italy
Chiara Zanini Italy 2006 Applied Mathematics Associate Professor Italy
Pierluigi Cesana Italy 2009 Applied Mathematics Associate Professor Japan
Francesco Sala Italy 2011 Geometry Postdoc Japan
Noureddine Chair Algeria 1988 Elementary Particles Associate Professor Jordan
Matteo Casati Italy 2015 Mathematical Physics Postdoc Kent
Sergio Andres Holguin Cardona Colombia 2012 Mathematical Physics Postdoc Mexico
Lino Notarantonio Italy 1993 Functional Analysis and Applications Teacher Mexico
Giovanni Marelli Italy 2001 Mathematical Physics Associate Professor Namibia
Francesca Arici Italy 2015 Mathematical Physics Postdoc Netherlands
Lucia Tealdi Italy 2015 Applied Mathematics Non-academic Netherlands
Alessandro Gentile Italy 2014 Geometry Non-academic Netherlands
Lorenzo Nardini Italy 2017 Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications Non-academic Netherlands
Walter Daniël van Suijlekom Netherlands 2005 Mathematical Physics Associate Professor Netherlands
Finlay Thompson New Zeland 1999 Mathematical Physics Non-academic New Zealand
Franic Ikechukwu Njoku Nigeria 1988 Functional Analysis and Applications Professor Nigeria
Ui ri Mun Democratic People's Republic Of Korea 2018 Geometry and Mathematical Physics Assistant Professor North Korea
Giorgio Scattareggia Italy 2017 Geometry Assistant Professor Norway
Yassir Ibrahim Dinar Sudan 2007 Geometry Assistant Professor Oman
Shafqat Ali Pakistan 2018 Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications Assistant Professor Pakistan
Julian Janus Poland 1989 Functional Analysis and Applications Assistant Professor Poland
Pawel Nurowski Poland 1993 Mathematical Physics Professor Poland
Riccardo Scala Italy 2014 Applied Mathematics Postdoc Portugal
Paolo Gidoni Italy 2016 Mathematical Analysis Postdoc Portugal


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