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Professors (65)
Associate Professors (73)
Assistant Professors (66)
Postdocs (75)
Teachers (10)
Non-academics (50)
Others (4)
Unknowns (17)

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Name Origin Year Phd Denomination Position Countrysort descending
Alexey Demyanov Russia 2008 Applied Mathematics Non-academic United Kingdom
Cristina Manolache Romania 2009 Geometry Postdoc United Kingdom
Carlo Mercuri Italy 2010 Mathematical Analysis Assistant Professor United Kingdom
Nicola Tito Pagani Italy 2009 Geometry Other United Kingdom
Matteo Sommacal Italy 2005 Mathematical Physics Associate Professor United Kingdom
Riccardo Cristoferi Italy 2015 Applied Mathematics Postdoc United States
Nicolò Piazzalunga Italy 2016 Mathematical Physics Postdoc United States
Alice Ambrosio Italy 2016 Geometry Non-academic United States
Ettore Aldrovandi Italy 1992 Mathematical Physics Professor United States
Alessandro Arsie Italy 2001 Mathematical Physics Associate Professor United States
Luca Billi Italy 1996 Functional Analysis and Applications Non-academic United States
Livio Fedeli Italy 2011 Applied Mathematics Non-academic United States
Marta Lewicka Poland 2000 Functional Analysis and Applications Associate Professor United States
Luca Philippe Mertens Italy 2009 Geometry Non-academic United States
Fabio Nironi Italy 2008 Geometry Assistant Professor United States
Benedetto Piccoli Italy 1994 Functional Analysis and Applications Professor United States
Stefano Vidussi Italy 1998 Functional Analysis and Applications Professor United States
Konstantin Aleshkin Russia 2019 Geometry and Mathematical Physics Postdoc USA
Marco Tezzele Italy 2021 Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications Postdoc USA
Gabriele Gionti Italy 1998 Mathematical Physics Other Vatican City


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