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AJS - Analysis Junior Seminars 2013-2014

Date Speaker Seminar
January 10 Giuliano Lazzaroni Some models of quasistatic growth in brittle fracture
January 17 Davide Zucco Shape optimization problems for eigenvalues of the Dirichlet-Laplacian
February 5 Giampiero Palatucci Nonlocal perimeter functionals
February 21 Nikolay Gusev On transport equation with non-smooth vector field
February 28 Riccardo Scala Currents and Dislocations and related problems
March 7 Marks Ruziboev Decay of correlations for direct product systems
March 14 Gabriele Mancini Onofri's inequality and blow-up analysis for the singular Liouville equation
March 21 Riccardo Cristoferi Stability and minimality for a nonlocal isoperimetric problem
March 28 Riccardo Montalto Quasi periodic solutions of quasi linear and fully nonlinear forced perturbations of Airy-KdV equation
April 4 Aleks Jevnikar The Toda system on compact surfaces
April 11 Luca Battaglia The singular Liouville equation and the singular Toda system
April 30 (W) Mauro Bardelloni Optimal transportation and Sudakov’s type decomposition
May 9 Elisa Paoli The geometry behind the asymptotic of the heat kernel for small time: from Riemannian manifolds to a generalization in optimal control theory
May 16 Lucia Tealdi Area Functional and Semicartesian Parametrization: Facts, Hopes and open Problems
May 23 Stefano Amato Bidomain model and mean curvature flow
May 30 Giancarlo Cicconofri Flexible robots and snakes
June 6 Paolo Gidoni Extending the Poincaré-Birkhoff Theorem to higher dimensions: issues and ideas
June 20 Guglielmo Feltrin Multiple positive solutions for a superlinear problem: a topological approach
June 27 Matteo Rizzi Symmetry properties of entire solutions to some elliptic PDEs and phase transition
July 4 Stefano Modena Quadratic Lyapunov potential for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws

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