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AJS - Analysis Junior Seminars 2015-2016

Date Speaker Seminar
October 23 Vito Crismale Mathematical theory of perfect plasticity and recent developments: the role of the damage and the strain gradient plasticity
October 30 Gianluca Orlando Fracture models for elasto-plastic materials: approximation via Gamma-convergence
November 6 Filippo Giuliani KAM theory and quasi periodic solutions for the KdV equation with quasi-linear perturbations
November 13 Paolo Bonicatto Uniqueness of weak solutions to transport equation with two-dimensional nearly incompressible BV vector field
November 20 Elio Marconi On the concentration of entropy dissipation for scalar conservation laws
November 27 Stefano Almi A lower semicontinuity result for a free discontinuity functional with a boundary term
December 4 Khadim Mbacke War A new proof of the stable manifold Theorem
December 11 Davide Zucco Last call for shape optimization
January 15 Shokhrukh Kholmatov Sets of Anisotopic Minimal Boundary
January 29 Roberto Feola Almost global existence for semi-linear Hamiltonian PDEs
February 5 Ilaria Lucardesi Do optimal thin torsion rods contain homogenized regions?
February 12 Giuliano Lazzaroni Rigidity of discrete energies with surface scaling: interactions beyond nearest neighbours versus non-interpenetration
February 26 Luca Tamanini A new approach to optimal transport on RCD spaces: a Hitchhiker's Guide
March 4 Giovanni Franzina Isoperimetric sets with densities
March 18 Nicola Giuliani Micro-swimmers: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation via Boundary Elements Methods
April 1 Marco Morandotti How to confine a dislocation
April 8 Virginia Agostiniani Non-Euclidean plate and rod theories, and their application to nematic elastomers
April 15 Alessandro Olgiati Effective non-linear PDE's from Quantum Dynamics
April 22 Felice Iandoli Global well-posedness for the cubic defocusing NLS
April 29 Ivan Beschastnyi Optimal control problems and symplectic geometry
May 6 Giuseppe Pitton Deflated and augmented Krylov space methods for linear systems
May 13 Francesco Boarotto Homotopy properties of horizontal path spaces
May 20 Paolo Gidoni Rate-independent systems, friction and crawling motility: an introduction
May 25 Matteo Rizzi Allen-Cahn equation and minimal surfaces
June 1 Enrico Pasqualetto Equivalence of two different notions of tangent bundle on rectifiable metric measure spaces
June 22 Guglielmo Feltrin Positive periodic solutions to super-sublinear indefinite problems: high multiplicity and chaotic dynamics
July 12 Lorenzo Nardini Dynamic fracture: existence and uniqueness of evolutions and limit behaviour for a simplified peeling test

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