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AJS - Analysis Junior Seminars 2022-2023

AJS is a series of weekly seminars where one can present a part of their research work which they would like to share. Any topic related to mathematical analysis, either pure or applied, is welcome.

The spirit of the talks is to let young researchers know fields different from their own, stimulating interactions. We want to stress that the seminars can be based both on technical or more divulgative aspects of your studies, with the decision being left to the speaker.

This year AJS is organized by Irene Anello, Ariel Surya Boiardi, Simone Carano, Davide Manini, Pierfrancesco Siena, Daniele Tiberio.

To propose a seminar, just get i touch with the organizers; the talk should take about 40-50 minutes.

Unless otherwise stated, all seminars will be held on Friday at 14:00 in room A-133 in hybrid mode. Each week we will send a reminder and link to join online.

We want to remark that everyone is welcome, even if it is not your field! You can have a look at what is done inside SISSA and outside and get curious :)

Below you can find a list of past and future talks. Recordings of past seminars are available in the dedicated playlist on the SISSA SIAM Student Chapter youtube channel.

Date Speaker Title
14 Nov 2022 Ariel S. Boiardi (SISSA) IGA-Energetic BEM for the numerical solution of 2D wave scattering problems in the space-time domain
25 Nov 2022 Martina Zizza (SISSA) Dynamic Blocking Problems of Fire Propagation
02 Dec 2022 Pierfrancesco Siena (SISSA) A machine learning-based reduced order model for the investigation of the haemodynamics in coronary artery bypass grafts
16 Dec 2022 Samuel Borza (SISSA) Sub-Riemannian exponential map of the α-Grushin plane
20 Jan 2023 Anna Ivagnes (SISSA) A shape optimization pipeline for marine propellers by means of data-driven reduced order modeling techniques
27 Jan 2023 Matteo Ferrari (Politecnico di Torino) The non-symmetric coupling for exterior problems: results on the stability and a virtual elements approach
03 Feb 2023 Giuseppe Orsatti (SISSA) Finite Gap solution for the KdV equation: a geometric approach
10 Feb 2023 Lorenzo Bardone (SISSA) Beyond Gaussian models: a mathematical framework for the analysis of real-world data structures
17 Feb 2023 Federico Murgante (SISSA) Almost global existence of gravity-capillary water waves
24 Feb 2023 Emeric Roulley (SISSA) Invariant KAM tori around annular vortex patches for 2D Euler equations
10 Mar 2023 Michele Motta (SISSA) The Geometry of the Kepler Problem
17 Mar 2023 Giovanni Brigati (CEREMADE – Université Paris-Dauphine) Constructive stability for subcritical inequalities on the sphere and beyond
20 Mar 2023 Nicola Demo (SISSA) Machine learning and reduced order modeling for real-time solutions of nonLinear problems
31 Mar 2023 Ivan Prusak (SISSA) An optimisation-based domain-decomposition reduced order model for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
14 Apr 2023 Thomas Beretti (SISSA) A Trip into Discrepancy Theory
21 Apr 2023 Antonio Pedro De Azevedo Bezerra Vitor Ramos (SISSA) Least quadratic nonresidues and Fourier optimization
05 May 2023 Andrea Bisterzo (Milano-Bicocca) Symmetry of solutions to semilinear PDEs on (isoparametric) Riemannian domains
12 May 2023 Isabella Carla Gonnella (SISSA) A numerical spectral approach to stochastic PDEs resolution, enhanced with Bayesian inference
19 May 2023 Luigi De Masi (Università di Padova) Robust optimal networks
26 May 2023 Anna Kubin (POLITO) Long-time behaviour of the discrete volume-preserving fractional mean curvature flow


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