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Analysis Seminars 2019-2020

Date Time Room Speaker Seminar
October 14:00A-133 Daniela Tonon (Paris Dauphine) Mean field games and optimal transport techniques
October 22 11:00A-138 Stefano Scrobogna (BCAM, Bilbao)Stabilization of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability of an underlying fluid layer
November 5 14:00A-133 Victor Arnaiz Solórzano (ICMAT)High energy distribution of eigenstates for small perturbations of completely integrable systems
November 18 16:00A-138 Erik Wahlén (Lund) Steady periodic water waves with vorticity
December 3 14:00A-133 Joackim BernierResonances and genericity in Birkhoff normal forms for PDEs
December 17 11:30A-137 Vieri Benci A framework for ill posed problems
January 14 14:00A-133 Edgard PimentelA glimpse at regularity theory: from PDEs to interfaces
January 21 14:00A-133 Michele Coti Zelati Metastability results for the Navier-Stokes equations and related models
February 25 14:00A-132 Susanna TerraciniThe nodal set of solutions to sublinear, discontinuous and singular equations


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