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PhD Courses

The Mathematics Area runs two PhD courses, offering the opportunity to develop the skills required in the fields of 

Lectures are delivered by staff members as well as by leading experts who are invited on a regular basis to bring the specific skills associated to their fields of research. Students are offered financial support to attend workshops and conferences, enabling them to establish contacts within the international scientific community. The collective focus is on intensive training, to help students conduct independent research of the highest academic standard. The environment for students within the PhD Programs is both stimulating and supportive.

SISSA, though relatively young, is one of the leading scientific institutions in Italy and on the international stage. It keeps growing since its foundation, and recently moved to its new location near Opicina. A minibus ensures the connection with the ICTP, while a 10′ bus ride brings downtown. Together with the ICTP, the University of Trieste, and the AREA Science Park, SISSA contributes to make of Trieste a city of science.

MSc Course in Mathematics

The Mathematics Area, together with the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences of the University of Trieste, jointly runs an MSc course in mathematics

Master in High Performance Computing (MHPC)

Link to the joint SISSA-ICTP professional master in high performance computing.

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