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Mathematical Physics seminar

Date Time Room Speaker Seminar
April 22 11:00Zoom Riccardo Ontani (SISSA) A localization formula for Hamiltonian torus actions
May 31 16:00A-132 Giorgio Cipolloni (Princeton Center for Theoretical Science, USA) How do the eigenvalues of a large non-Hermitian random matrix behave?
June 7 16:00A-132 Guido Mazzuca (KTH, Sweden) Large Deviation Principle for the Ablowitz-Ladik Lattice and the Circular β Ensemble at High Temperature
June 12 12:00A-135 Anton Dzhamay (University of Northern Colorado) Discrete Painlevé Equations and Orthogonal Polynomials and tiling
June 14 16:00A-135 Marco Bertola (Concordia University, Montreal) Padé approximants and orthogonality on Riemann surfaces
June 15 12:00A-132 Matteo Casati (Ningbo University, China) Multidimensional integrable deformations of PDEs


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