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Applied Mathematics - Introduction to Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing

Course Type: 
PhD Course
Master Course
Anno (LM): 
Second Year
Academic Year: 
60 h
CFU (LM): 

This course is also part of the Joint SISSA-ICTP HPC master 

The foundations of Numerical analysis

Frontal Lectures (20 hours - Joint with MHPC master):

  • Resolution of linear systems with direct and iterative methods
  • Polynomial approximations 
  • Numerical Integration
  • Introduction to Numerical solutions of ODEs
  • Non-linear equations and systems
  • Introduction to Finite Elements

Laboratory (20 hours - Joint with MHPC master, in parallel with the frontal lectures):

  • Introduction to python
  • Introduction to numpy
  • Vectors, Matrices and Linear Solvers 
  • Polynomial approximations
  • Numerical integration, polynomial projection
  • Introduction to Numerical solution of ODEs
  • Non-linear equations and systems
  • Introduction to Finite Elements using FENICS (python finite element toolbox)

Advanced Numerical Methods for PDEs

Frontal Lectures (20 hours, optional for MHPC):

  • The Ritz Method and the Galerkin Method
  • Finite Element Methods
  • Interpolation of Sobolev Spaces and Error Estimates
  • Finite Element Methods for Second Order Elliptic Equations

Teaching support (slides, reports, notes, links)

References and Text Books:

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    [E-Book-ITA] [E-Book-ENG]
  • A. Quarteroni. Modellistica Numerica per problemi differenziali. Springer, 2008.
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Note that, when connecting from SISSA, all of the text books above are available in full text as pdf files.

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