Geometry and Mathematical Physics


Courses of the Academic Year 2019-2020

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Barbara Fantechi Differentiable Orbifolds 20 h October - December
Andrea Tobia Ricolfi Techniques in Enumerative Geometry 20 h October - December
Paolo Antonini Noncommutative Geometry 1 30 h October - January
Davide Guzzetti Introduction to Linear Differential Equations in the Complex Domain and Isomonodromy Deformations 40 h October - January
Rafael Torres 4-manifolds 40 h October - December
Jacopo Stoppa Differential Geometry 50 h October - January
Don Zagier Quadratic Fields and Modular Forms 50 h October - December
Barbara Fantechi Algebraic Geometry 50 h October - January
Andrei Agrachev Morse Theory and Related Topics 60 h October - January
Ugo Bruzzo Toric Geometry 40 h January - June
Alessandro Tanzini Topological Quantum Field Theory 40 h January - March
Yang Liu Noncommutative Geometry 2 30 h February - May
Tamara Grava Riemann Surfaces and Integrable Systems 50 h February - May
Rafael Torres Riemannian Geometry 40 h March - April
TBA Higher Algebra 50 h March - May
Marco Bertola Tau and Theta functions in Integrable Systems 20 h April - May
Marco Bertola Cluster Algebras and applicatons 20 h May - June

Courses of the Academic Year 2018-2019

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Marco Bertola Tau and Theta functions in Integrable systems 30 h May - June
Ludwik Dabrowski Non-commutative geometry 40 h March - May
Davide Guzzetti ODE and isomonodromy deformations 40 h October - January


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