Geometry and Mathematical Physics


Courses of the Academic Year 2021-2022

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Antonio Lerario Real Geometry 60 h October-January
Davide Guzzetti ODEs in Complex Domain and Isomonodromy Deformations 40 h October-December (maybe till January)
Alessandro Tanzini Introduction to Topological Field Theories 40 h March-April
Nicolò Sibilla Advanced Geometry 2 40 h October-December
Jacopo Stoppa Log Calabi-Yau geometry 40 h March-June
Gregorio Falqui Integrable systems and wave motion 50 h March-May
Davide Guzzetti Advanced Mathematical Physics B 50 h March-June
Marcello Porta Advanced Mathematical Physics A 60 h March-June
Barbara Fantechi Algebraic Geometry 60 h October-February
Stefano Luzzatto Introduction to Smooth Ergodic Theory 20 h November
Rafael Greenblatt Introduction to the constructive renormalization group for Fermionic theories 20 h October-November
Carlo Scarpa Moment maps in differential geometry 20 h March-May
Andrew Paul Kels Discrete Integrable Systems 20 h October-December
Andrei Agrachev Volterra series, shuffles and permutations 60 h January - April
Alexander Bufetov Point processes and random measures 20 h Spring 2022
Tamara Grava Riemann surfaces and integrable systems 40 h February-April
Ludwik Dabrowski Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry 40 h November-February
Rafael Torres 4-manifolds 40 h October-December
Danilo Lewański Introduction to Topological Recursion theory and moduli spaces of curves 20 h April-May
Don Zagier Standard and less standard asymptotic methods 20 h Probably sometime in the period mid-January to mid March


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