Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications


Courses of the Academic Year 2021-2022

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Luca Heltai, Gianluigi Rozza Applied Mathematics: an Introduction to Scientific Computing by Numerical Analysis 55 h October - January
Giovanni Noselli Topics in Continuum Mechanics 60 h October-February
Stefano Bianchini Some topics in measure theory 60 h October-January
Sandro Zagatti Advanced Analysis - A 50 h October - January
Gianni Dal Maso Introduction to Elliptic Equations 50 h October-January
Advanced Programming 48 h October - January
Antonio Lerario Real Geometry 60 h October-January
Andrea Braides Introduction to Multiscale Problems 60 h October-January
Nicola Gigli Nonsmooth Differential Geometry 60 h October
Luca Heltai An introduction to modern tools for collaborative science (best practices in co-developing and co-authoring) 12 h October-November
Stefano Luzzatto Introduction to Smooth Ergodic Theory 20 h November
Stefano Modena Introduction to Convex Integration 20 h December-January
Antonio De Simone Topics on the mathematical modeling of physical and biological systems 48 h December-March
Massimiliano Berti Bifurcation theory and perturbation of linear operators 50 h January -
Andrei Agrachev Volterra series, shuffles and permutations 60 h January - April
Livia Corsi A diagrammatic approach to perturbation theory 20 h January-February
Stefano Bianchini Introduction to Ergodic theory March-May
Giovanni Bellettini Some aspects of mean curvature flow 20 h March-June
Andrea Cangiani Numerical Solution of PDEs 48 h March-April
Alberto Maspero Functional analysis 50 h March–June


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