Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications


Courses of the Academic Year 2023-2024

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Gianluigi Rozza Computational mechanics by reduced order methods 20 h May
Gianluigi Rozza Topics in computational fluid dynamics 20 h May
Davide Torlo Topics in high order accurate time integration methods 20 h March
Niccolò Tonicello Turbulent compressible fluid dynamics 20 h June
Michele Girfoglio Models and applications in CFD 20 h June
Ricardo Grande Izquierdo Weak turbulence and wave kinetic equation 20 h February - March
Sandro Zagatti Semigroup theory and applications 35 h March - June
Sandro Zagatti Advanced analysis - A 48 h October - January
Michele Girfoglio, Gianluigi Rozza Applied mathematics: an introduction to scientific computing by numerical analysis 48 h October - January
W. Schlag (Yale) Spectral theory of deterministic and disordered systems 20 h March
Emanuel Carneiro Introduction to analytic number theory (Topics in Ad. Analysis 1) 50 h October - January
Andrea Braides Concentration problems for nonlocal energies 20 h April - June
Andrea Cangiani Advanced FEM techniques 20 h May - June
Beatrice Langella An introduction to Nekhoroshev theory 20 h January - March
Antonio De Simone Mechanics of biological systems 40 h March - July
Andrea Cangiani Numerical solution of PDEs 40 h March - May
Stefano Bianchini Problems of Moving Sets 60 h January - March
Andrea Braides Limit analysis of variational problems 60 h October - March
Nicola Gigli Functional analysis 60 h February - May
Gianni Dal Maso Calculus of variations 60 h November - March


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