Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications


Courses of the Academic Year 2020-2021

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Alberto Sartori Advanced Programming 48 h October - January
Antonio Lerario Introduction to smooth manifolds -- Advanced Geometry 2 for MsC 50 h October-January
Sandro Zagatti Istituzioni di Analisi Superiore - Modulo A 50 h October - January
Gianni Dal Maso Gamma-convergence 60 h October - February
Andrea De Simone Introduction to Statistical Modelling and Inference 26 h October
Luca Heltai, Gianluigi Rozza Applied Mathematics: an Introduction to Scientific Computing by Numerical Analysis 55 h October - January
Andrei Agrachev Optimal control 60 h October - January
Nicola Gigli Topics in advanced analysis I 48 h October - January
Giovanni Noselli Topics in Continuum Mechanics 60 h October - February
Guido Sanguinetti Bayesian inference I 36 h October - December
Jean Barbier Information Theory and Inference 26 h November - December
Stefano Bianchini Gaussian measures and stochastic analysis 20 h November-January
Andrea Braides Variational Problems on Networks 20 h November - February
Massimiliano Berti Hamiltonian PDEs 60 h December - March
Pietro Baldi Topics on Nash-Moser and KAM theory 20 h April-May 2021
Fabio Cavalletti Optimal transport 48 h January - March
Stefano Bianchini Linear transport and weakly differentiable vector fields 60 h February - April
Roberto Trotta Bayesian Inference II 36 h January - February
Alessandro Laio, Alex Rodriguez Unsupervised Learning and non-Parametric methods 38 h January - February
Antonio Lerario Real Geometry 40 h Spring 2021


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