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D-branes, surface operators, and ADHM quiver representations

TitleD-branes, surface operators, and ADHM quiver representations
Publication TypePreprint
AuthorsBruzzo, U, Diaconescu, D-E, Yardim, M, Pan, G, Zhang, Y, Wu-yen, C
Document NumberSISSA;01/2011/FM

A supersymmetric quantum mechanical model is constructed for BPS states bound to surface operators in five dimensional SU(r) gauge theories using D-brane engineering. This model represents the effective action of a certain D2-brane configuration, and is naturally obtained by dimensional reduction of a quiver $(0,2)$ gauged linear sigma model. In a special stability chamber, the resulting moduli space of quiver representations is shown to be smooth and isomorphic to a moduli space of framed quotients on the projective plane. A precise conjecture relating a K-theoretic partition function of this moduli space to refined open string invariants of toric lagrangian branes is formulated for conifold and local P^1 x P^1 geometries.

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