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Donagi–Markman cubic for the generalised Hitchin system

TitleDonagi–Markman cubic for the generalised Hitchin system
Publication TypePreprint
AuthorsBruzzo, U, Dalakov, P
Generalized Hitchin system, Donagi-Markman cubic, algebraically completely integrable systems, moduli space of Higgs G-bundles

Donagi and Markman (1993) have shown that the infinitesimal period map for an algebraic completely integrable Hamiltonian system (ACIHS) is encoded in a section of the third symmetric power of the cotangent bundle to the base of the system. For the ordinary Hitchin system the cubic is given by a formula of Balduzzi and Pantev. We show that the Balduzzi–Pantev formula holds on maximal rank symplectic leaves of the G-generalised Hitchin system.

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