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Generalized matrix models and AGT correspondence at all genera

TitleGeneralized matrix models and AGT correspondence at all genera
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBonelli, G, Maruyoshi, K, Tanzini, A, Yagib, F
JournalJHEP, Volume 2011, Issue 7, 2011, Article number055

We study generalized matrix models corresponding to n-point Virasoro\r\nconformal blocks on Riemann surfaces with arbitrary genus g. Upon AGT\r\ncorrespondence, these describe four dimensional N=2 SU(2)^{n+3g-3} gauge\r\ntheories with generalized quiver diagrams. We obtain the generalized matrix\r\nmodels from the perturbative evaluation of the Liouville correlation functions\r\nand verify the consistency of the description with respect to degenerations of\r\nthe Riemann surface. Moreover, we derive the Seiberg-Witten curve for the N=2\r\ngauge theory as the spectral curve of the generalized matrix model, thus\r\nproviding a check of AGT correspondence at all genera.


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