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Hitchin systems, N=2 gauge theories and W-gravity

TitleHitchin systems, N=2 gauge theories and W-gravity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBonelli, G, Tanzini, A
JournalPhys. Lett. B 691 (2010) 111-115

We propose some arguments supporting an M-theory derivation of the duality recently discovered by Alday, Gaiotto and Tachikawa between two-dimensional conformal field theories and N=2 superconformal gauge theories in four dimensions. We find that A_{N-1} Toda field theory is the simplest two-dimensional conformal field theory quantizing the moduli of N M5-branes wrapped on a Riemann surface. This leads us to identify chiral operators of the N=2 gauge theories with W-algebra currents. As a check of this correspondence we study some relevant OPE\\\'s obtaining that Nekrasov\\\'s partition function satisfies W-geometry constraints.


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