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Infinite time regular synthesis

TitleInfinite time regular synthesis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsPiccoli, B
JournalESAIM: COCV 3 (1998) 381-405

In this paper we provide a new sufficiency theorem for regular syntheses. The concept of regular synthesis is discussed in [12], where a sufficiency theorem for finite time syntheses is proved. There are interesting examples of optimal syntheses that are very regular, but whose trajectories have time domains not necessarily bounded. The regularity assumptions of the main theorem in [12] are verified by every piecewise smooth feedback control generating extremal trajectories that reach the target in finite time with a finite number of switchings. In the case of this paper the situation is even more complicate, since we admit both trajectories with finite and infinite time. We use weak differentiability assumptions on the synthesis and weak continuity assumptions on the associated value function.


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