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Instanton algebras and quantum 4-spheres

TitleInstanton algebras and quantum 4-spheres
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsDabrowski, L, Landi, G
JournalDifferential Geom. Appl. 16 (2002) 277-284

We study some generalized instanton algebras which are required to describe `instantonic complex rank 2 bundles\\\'. The spaces on which the bundles are defined are not prescribed from the beginning but rather are obtained from some natural requirements on the instantons. They turn out to be quantum 4-spheres $S^4_q$, with $q\\\\in\\\\IC$, and the instantons are described by self-adjoint idempotents e. We shall also clarify some issues related to the vanishing of the first Chern-Connes class $ch_1(e)$ and on the use of the second Chern-Connes class $ch_2(e)$ as a volume form.


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