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Ionization for Three Dimensional Time-dependent Point Interactions

TitleIonization for Three Dimensional Time-dependent Point Interactions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsCorreggi, M, Dell'Antonio, G, Figari, R, Mantile, A
JournalComm. Math. Phys. 257 (2005) 169-192

We study the time evolution of a three dimensional quantum particle under the action of a time-dependent point interaction fixed at the origin. We assume that the ``strength\\\'\\\' of the interaction (\\\\alpha(t)) is a periodic function with an arbitrary mean. Under very weak conditions on the Fourier coefficients of (\\\\alpha(t)), we prove that there is complete ionization as (t \\\\to \\\\infty), starting from a bound state at time (t = 0). Moreover we prove also that, under the same conditions, all the states of the system are scattering states.


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