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Linear Hyperbolic Systems in Domains with Growing Cracks

TitleLinear Hyperbolic Systems in Domains with Growing Cracks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsCaponi, M
Pagination149 - 185
Date Published2017/06/01
ISBN Number1424-9294

We consider the hyperbolic system ü$${ - {\rm div} (\mathbb{A} \nabla u) = f}$$in the time varying cracked domain $${\Omega \backslash \Gamma_t}$$, where the set $${\Omega \subset \mathbb{R}^d}$$is open, bounded, and with Lipschitz boundary, the cracks $${\Gamma_t, t \in [0, T]}$$, are closed subsets of $${\bar{\Omega}}$$, increasing with respect to inclusion, and $${u(t) : \Omega \backslash \Gamma_t \rightarrow \mathbb{R}^d}$$for every $${t \in [0, T]}$$. We assume the existence of suitable regular changes of variables, which reduce our problem to the transformed system v̈$${ - {\rm div} (\mathbb{B}\nabla v) + a\nabla v - 2 \nabla \dot{v}b = g}$$on the fixed domain $${\Omega \backslash \Gamma_0}$$. Under these assumptions, we obtain existence and uniqueness of weak solutions for these two problems. Moreover, we show an energy equality for the functions v, which allows us to prove a continuous dependence result for both systems. The same study has already been carried out in [3, 7] in the scalar case.

Short TitleMilan Journal of Mathematics

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