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Projective Reeds-Shepp car on $S^2$ with quadratic cost

TitleProjective Reeds-Shepp car on $S^2$ with quadratic cost
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBoscain, U, Rossi, F
JournalESAIM COCV 16 (2010) 275-297

Fix two points $x,\\\\bar{x}\\\\in S^2$ and two directions (without orientation) $\\\\eta,\\\\bar\\\\eta$ of the velocities in these points. In this paper we are interested to the problem of minimizing the cost $$ J[\\\\gamma]=\\\\int_0^T g_{\\\\gamma(t)}(\\\\dot\\\\gamma(t),\\\\dot\\\\gamma(t))+\\nK^2_{\\\\gamma(t)}g_{\\\\gamma(t)}(\\\\dot\\\\gamma(t),\\\\dot\\\\gamma(t)) ~dt$$ along all smooth curves starting from $x$ with direction $\\\\eta$ and ending in $\\\\bar{x}$ with direction $\\\\bar\\\\eta$. Here $g$ is the standard Riemannian metric on $S^2$ and $K_\\\\gamma$ is the corresponding geodesic curvature.\\nThe interest of this problem comes from mechanics and geometry of vision. It can be formulated as a sub-Riemannian problem on the lens space L(4,1).\\nWe compute the global solution for this problem: an interesting feature is that some optimal geodesics present cusps. The cut locus is a stratification with non trivial topology.


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