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Reduction strategies for PDE-constrained oprimization problems in Haemodynamics

TitleReduction strategies for PDE-constrained oprimization problems in Haemodynamics
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2012
AuthorsRozza, G, Manzoni, A, Negri, F
Conference NameEuropean Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS 2012) J. Eberhardsteiner (eds.), Vienna, Austria, 10-14 sept. 2012
Keywordsinverse problems

Solving optimal control problems for many different scenarios obtained by varying a set of parameters in the state system is a computationally extensive task. In this paper we present a new reduced framework for the formulation, the analysis and the numerical solution of parametrized PDE-constrained optimization problems. This framework is based on a suitable saddle-point formulation of the optimal control problem and exploits the reduced basis method for the rapid and reliable solution of parametrized PDEs, leading to a relevant computational reduction with respect to traditional discretization techniques such as the finite element method. This allows a very efficient evaluation of state solutions and cost functionals, leading to an effective solution of repeated optimal control problems, even on domains of variable shape, for which a further (geometrical) reduction is pursued, relying on flexible shape parametrization techniques. This setting is applied to the solution of two problems arising from haemodynamics, dealing with both data reconstruction and data assimilation over domains of variable shape,\\r\\nwhich can be recast in a common PDE-constrained optimization formulation.


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