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Self-Adjoint Extensions of Dirac Operator with Coulomb Potential

TitleSelf-Adjoint Extensions of Dirac Operator with Coulomb Potential
Publication TypePreprint
AuthorsGallone, M
Document NumberSISSA;09/2017/MATE

In this note we give a concise review of the present state-of-art for the
problem of self-adjoint realisations for the Dirac operator with a Coulomb-like singular
scalar potential V(x) = Ø(x)I4. We try to follow the historical and conceptual
path that leads to the present understanding of the problem and to highlight the
techniques employed and the main ideas. In the final part we outline a few major
open questions that concern the topical problem of the multiplicity of self-adjoint
realisations of the model, and which are worth addressing in the future.

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