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Simulation-based uncertainty quantification of human arterial network hemodynamics

TitleSimulation-based uncertainty quantification of human arterial network hemodynamics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsChen, P, Quarteroni, A, Rozza, G
JournalInternational Journal Numerical Methods Biomedical Engineering
Keywordsuncertainty quantification, mathematical modelling of the cardiovascular system, fluid-structure interaction

This work aims at identifying and quantifying uncertainties from various sources in human cardiovascular\r\nsystem based on stochastic simulation of a one dimensional arterial network. A general analysis of\r\ndifferent uncertainties and probability characterization with log-normal distribution of these uncertainties\r\nis introduced. Deriving from a deterministic one dimensional fluid structure interaction model, we establish\r\nthe stochastic model as a coupled hyperbolic system incorporated with parametric uncertainties to describe\r\nthe blood flow and pressure wave propagation in the arterial network. By applying a stochastic collocation\r\nmethod with sparse grid technique, we study systemically the statistics and sensitivity of the solution with\r\nrespect to many different uncertainties in a relatively complete arterial network with potential physiological\r\nand pathological implications for the first time.

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