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Weighted barycentric sets and singular Liouville equations on compact surfaces

TitleWeighted barycentric sets and singular Liouville equations on compact surfaces
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsCarlotto, A, Malchiodi, A
JournalJournal of Functional Analysis 262 (2012) 409-450

Given a closed two dimensional manifold, we prove a general existence result\\r\\nfor a class of elliptic PDEs with exponential nonlinearities and negative Dirac\\r\\ndeltas on the right-hand side, extending a theory recently obtained for the\\r\\nregular case. This is done by global methods: since the associated Euler\\r\\nfunctional is in general unbounded from below, we need to define a new model\\r\\nspace, generalizing the so-called space of formal barycenters and\\r\\ncharacterizing (up to homotopy equivalence) its very low sublevels. As a\\r\\nresult, the analytic problem is reduced to a topological one concerning the\\r\\ncontractibility of this model space. To this aim, we prove a new functional\\r\\ninequality in the spirit of [16] and then we employ a min-max scheme based on a cone-style construction, jointly with the blow-up analysis given in [5] (after\\r\\n[6] and [8]). This study is motivated by abelian Chern- Simons theory in\\r\\nself-dual regime, or from the problem of prescribing the Gaussian curvature in\\r\\npresence of conical singularities (hence generalizing a problem raised by\\r\\nKazdan and Warner in [26]).


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