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Boscaggin A, Zanolin F. Pairs of positive periodic solutions of second order nonlinear equations with indefinite weight. Journal of Differential Equations [Internet]. 2012 ;252:2900 - 2921. Available from:
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DeSimone A, Fedeli L, Turco A. A Phase Field Approach to Wetting and Contact Angle Hysteresis Phenomena. In: Hackl K IUTAM Symposium on Variational Concepts with Applications to the Mechanics of Materials. IUTAM Symposium on Variational Concepts with Applications to the Mechanics of Materials. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands; 2010. pp. 51–63.
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Cerami G, Vaira G. Positive solutions for some non-autonomous Schrödinger–Poisson systems. Journal of Differential Equations. 2010 ;248:521–543.
Boscain U, Rossi F. Projective Reeds-Shepp car on $S^2$ with quadratic cost. ESAIM COCV 16 (2010) 275-297 [Internet]. 2010 . Available from:


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