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Pitton G, Quaini A, Rozza G. Computational reduction strategies for the detection of steady bifurcations in incompressible fluid-dynamics: Applications to Coanda effect in cardiology. Journal of Computational Physics. 2017 ;344:557.
Girfoglio M, Quaini A, Rozza G. A Finite Volume approximation of the Navier-Stokes equations with nonlinear filtering stabilization. Computers and Fluids [Internet]. 2019 ;187:27-45. Available from:
Hess M, Alla A, Quaini A, Rozza G, Gunzburger M. A localized reduced-order modeling approach for PDEs with bifurcating solutions. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering [Internet]. 2019 ;351:379-403. Available from:
Girfoglio M, Quaini A, Rozza G. A POD-Galerkin reduced order model for a LES filtering approach. Journal of Computational Physics [Internet]. 2021 ;436. Available from:
Hess M, Quaini A, Rozza G. Reduced basis model order reduction for Navier–Stokes equations in domains with walls of varying curvature. International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics [Internet]. 2020 ;34:119-126. Available from:
Pichi F, Quaini A, Rozza G. A reduced order modeling technique to study bifurcating phenomena: Application to the gross-pitaevskii equation. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing [Internet]. 2020 . Available from:
Hess M, Quaini A, Rozza G. A spectral element reduced basis method for navier–stokes equations with geometric variations. Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering. 2020 ;134:561-571.

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