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Salavatidezfouli S, Hajisharifi S, Girfoglio M, Stabile G, Rozza G. Applicable Methodologies for the Mass Transfer Phenomenon in Tumble Dryers: A Review. 2023 .
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Gigli N, Marconi F. A general splitting principle on RCD spaces and applications to spaces with positive spectrum.; 2023.
Ferrari M, Sillari L. On the Minimal Number of Solutions of the Equation φ(n+k)=Mφ(n), M=1,2. Journal of Integer Sequences [Internet]. 2023 ;26. Available from:
Cicconofri G, Damioli V, Noselli G. Nonreciprocal oscillations of polyelectrolyte gel filaments subject to a steady and uniform electric field. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids [Internet]. 2023 ;173:105225. Available from:
Prusak I, Torlo D, Nonino M, Rozza G. An optimisation-based domain-decomposition reduced order model for parameter-dependent non-stationary fluid dynamics problems. 2023 .
Prusak I, Nonino M, Torlo D, Ballarin F, Rozza G. An optimisation–based domain–decomposition reduced order model for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. [Internet]. 2023 ;151:172 - 189. Available from:
Bianchini S, Zizza M. Properties of Mixing BV Vector Fields. Communications in Mathematical Physics [Internet]. 2023 ;402:1953–2009. Available from:
Carano S. Relaxed area of $0$-homogeneous maps in the strict $BV$-convergence. 2023 .
Bellettini G, Carano S, Scala R. Relaxed area of graphs of piecewise Lipschitz maps in the strict $BV$-convergence. 2023 .
Berti M, Maspero A, Ventura P. Stokes waves at the critical depth are modulational unstable.; 2023.


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