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Alberto d’Onofrio
University of Trieste
Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - 12:00 to 13:00

Well before the current pandemics, namely in the late year 1990 and early 2000 when the first 'outbreaks' of vaccine scare appeared [1], scientific community slowly understood that Mathematical Models of spread of Infectious Diseases (IDs) must include human behaviour [2]: a (if not the) major factor impacting on the spread, prevention and control of IDs. This caused the birth of the Behavioural Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases [3] (BEID), which also overlaps and interacts with the related field of Statistical Physics of Vaccination [1] (SPV). In this Talk, after a panorama of public health motivations that led to the birth of BEID and SPV, we will illustrate some simple qualitative but informative models of BEID with particular focus on the concept of Information Index 'M', which is usually nonlocal in time [4, 5] and in space [5], and on possible (non-optimal and optimal) control actions aimed at mitigating the IDs [6].

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