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Cylindrical decompositions in real and complex geometry

Gal Binyamini
Weizmann Institute of Science
Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 15:00
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The decomposition of a set into "cylinders" in one of the fundamental tools of semi-algebraic geometry (as well as subanalytic geometry and o-minimal geometry). Defined by means of intervals, these cylinders are an essentially real-geometric construct.In a recent paper wit Novikov we introduce a notion of "complex cells", that form a complexification of real cylinders. It turns out that such complex cells admit a rich hyperbolic geometry, which is not directly visible in their real counterparts. I will sketch some of this theory, and how it can be used to prove some new results in real geometry (for instance a sharpening of the Yomdin-Gromov lemma).More information can be found here:

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