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Derived equivalences for the flops of type C2 and AG4 via mutation of semiorthogonal decomposition

Hayato Morimura
Friday, September 13, 2019 - 14:00

It is expected that flops do not change the derived category [BO, Kaw02]. This is proved for 3-folds by Bridgeland [Bri02], but open in higher dimensions.

Ito-Miura-Okawa-Ueda (IMOU) varieties [IMOU] are pairs of Calabi–Yau 3-folds which are non-birational and derived-equivalent. They are obtained as complete intersections in G2- Grassmannians defined by globally generated homogeneous vector bundles, and deformation- equivalent to the Pfaffian-Grassmannian pairs of Calabi–Yau 3-folds. The derived equivalence is first proved by Kuznetsov [Kuz18] using mutation of semiorthogonal decomposition. By taking the total spaces of the dual of the vector bundles defining the IMOU varieties, one obtains a pair of non-compact Calabi–Yau 7-folds related by a flop. Ueda [Ued19] proved the derived equivalence under this flop using mutation of semiorthogonal decomposition closely related to that of Kuznetsov. This derived equivalence of 7-folds implies the derived equivalence of IMOU varieties.

In the talk, we will discuss a new proof of the derived equivalence for a certain 5-fold flop, first proved by Segal [Seg16]. Our proof is based on mutation of semiorthogonal decompo- sition, and very different from Segal’s original proof based on a tilting object. Yet another proof based on a tilting object, together with its relation with Segal’s proof, is given by Hara [Hara]. We also discuss a proof of the derived equivalence for the flop of type AGin the sense of [Kan]. The proof is based on mutation of semiorthogonal decomposition again, and follows [KR] closely.


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