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Interacting quantum systems with disorder: localisation and integrals of motion

Valentina Ros
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - 14:15

 There is growing amount of experimental, numerical, and theoretical evidence that, in the presence of sufficiently strong quenched disorder, interacting quantum particles are many-body localised: transport is suppressed and memory of the initial condition is preserved locally for arbitrarily long times. A theoretical understanding of the many-body localised phase has recently emerged in terms of approximately local, conserved operators. In this talk, I will recall some basic features of localised systems in the single-particle setting, and discuss in which sense the notion of localisation can be extended to interacting systems by means of the conserved quantities. I will discuss how conserved operators can be constructed for a particular model of interacting fermions on the lattice, and briefly comment on the implications for ergodicity and thermalisation.

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