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MAMA PhD Defenses

Big Meeting Room (Seventh floor)
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 09:00 to 18:00
 9:00  am  - Ivan Beschatnyi: Andrei Agrachev; “Jacobi fields in optimal control”
10:00 am  - Felice Iandoli: Massimiliano Berti, Roberto Feola;  “Local and almost global solutions for fully non-linear Schrödinger equations on the circle”
11:00 am  - Enrico Pasqualetto: Nicola Gigli; “Structural and geometric properties of RCD spaces”
12:00 pm  - Raffaele Scandone: Alessandro Michelangeli; “Non-linear Schrödinger equations with singular perturbations and with rough magnetic potentials”
1pm Lunch break
2:15 pm - Shafqat Ali: Gianluigi Rozza, Francesco Ballarin; “Stabilized reduced basis methods for the approximation of parametrized  viscous flows”
3:15 pm - Danka Lucic: Antonio De Simone, Virginia Agostiniani; “Dimension reduction problems in the modelling of hydrogel thin films”
4:15 pm - Giuseppe Pitton: Tamara Grava, Luca Heltai; "Numerical study of dispersive shock waves in the KPI equation"
5:30 pm Doctoral Proclamation

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