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MicroMotitlity: from unicellular swimmers to soft bio-inspired micro-robots

Antonio De Simone
SISSA (Where: Meeting Room VII floor)
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 12:00 to 13:00

Biological motility provides many fascinating challenges to biologists,
bio-physicists, and mathematicians. And bio-mimicry, the idea of using
Nature as a source of inspiration for the design or the improvement of
engineered devices, has been a common theme in the history of technology.

A new paradigm is emerging, termed soft bio-inspired robotics, yielding a
new generation of soft and compliant machines. These are based on the use of
active materials and display definite advantages in terms of flexibility of
operation and potential for miniaturization. A future in which sub-mm-size
engineered devices capable of manoeuvring inside the human body for
diagnostic or therapeutic purposes is almost in sight.

We will discuss these themes, and some ideas on how to confront the
challenges they pose, both within and beyond a newly started ERC advanced

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