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Numerical PDEs with general meshes and adaptivity

Andrea Cangiani
University of Leicester
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 16:00 to 17:00

I will discuss recent extensions of finite element methods allowing for general meshes and their use within adaptive algorithms.As motivating examples, I will present applications relevant to the biosciences with strong localisation of solution features, eg. local blow-up [1], and/or internal curved interfaces, eg. modelling semi-permeable membranes [2].A particularly flexible approach is the hp-version Discontinuous Galerkin (hp-dG) method. The a priori error analysis of hp-dG is already very well developed for general classes of PDEs under extremely general mesh assumptions [3] and it naturally permits local mesh and order adaptivity. However, deriving robust error estimators allowing for curved/degenerating mesh interfaces as well as developing adaptive algorithms able to exploit such flexibility is far from trivial. I will review the theory and practice of hp-dG on general meshes highlighting advantages and difficulties also in relation to other frameworks, such as the Virtual Element Method [4,5,6].

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