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On polynomially integrable billiards on surfaces of constant curvature

Alexey Glutsyuk
National Research University - Higher School of Economics (HSE), Russia
Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 14:00 to 16:00

The famous Birkhoff Conjecture deals with convex bounded planar billiards with smooth boundary. Recall that a caustic of a planar billiard is a curve such that each its tangent line is reflected from the boundary of the billiard to a line again tangent to it. A billiard is Birkhoff caustic integrable, if an interior neighborhood of its boundary admits a foliation by closed caustics. The Birkhoff Conjecture states that every Birkhoff caustic integrable planar billiard is an ellipse. Recently V.Kaloshin and A.Sorrentino proved its local version:  every Birkhoff integrable deformation of an ellipse is an ellipse.Birkhoff integrability is equivalent to the Liouville integrability of the billiard blow: existence of a first integral independent with the module of the speed. The algebraic  version of the Birkhoff Conjecture, which was first studied by Sergey Bolotin, concerns  polynomially integrable billiards, where the billiard flow admits a first integral polynomial in the speed that is non-constant on the unit level hypersurface of the module of the speed.In this talk we present a complete solution of the algebraic version of the Birkhoff Conjecture. We prove that each polynomially integrable is an ellipse billiard. We classify all the polynomially integrable billiards with piecewise smooth boundaries on any surface of constant curvature: plane, sphere, hyperbolic plane. These are joint results with Mikhail Bialy and Andrey Mironov.The talk is based on the speaker's preprint

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