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On a rate-independent damage model for hybrid laminates with cohesive interface

Filippo Riva
Friday, May 29, 2020 - 14:00
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Rate-independence is the property of a system whose behaviour is preserved by time-reparametrisations, meaning that a time-rescaling in the data would make the solution evolve along the same path of the original system, but according to the same time-rescaling of the data.
In the framework of mechanical systems this feature is possessed by many different models, assuming that the acting forces are so slow that inertia can be neglected. In this setting, the term quasistatic is also adopted to denote the fact that the system evolves, thus it is not static, but the evolution is not driven by inertia (or acceleration) and thus it cannot be dynamic.
In this talk I will present a quasistatic damage model for two laminates glued together and subjected to a horizontal loading; we assume the adhesive interface connecting the two layers follows a cohesive law.  The approach is based on a phase-field description of the (irreversible) damage variable and on the nowadays consolidated concept of (globally stable) energetic evolution introduced by Mielke and Roubicek to deal with quasistatic problems.

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