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Reduced order methods for parametric optimal flow control in Coronary bypass grafts: patients specific data assimilation and geometrical reconstruction

Zakia Zainib
Friday, November 9, 2018 - 14:00

Bypass grafting is a common surgical treatment for diseases causing arterial stenosis or aortic coarctation, etc. In this talk, we aim at presenting a complete pipeline from clinically provided data to optimal control on blood flow in coronary artery bypass grafts,  to investigate the haemodynamics in grafts and their corresponding arteries. The proposed framework is assimilated with patient-specific geometrical and physiological data, and thanks to flow control, proficiently bridges clinical measurements with numerical simulations. Furthermore, we have incorporated reduced order methods to achieve cost-efficient and reliable solution of such parametric problems. Some numerical results, verifying our methodology, will be discussed.

This work is in collaboration with Piero Triverio (University of Toronto) and Laura Jiménez-Juan (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto).

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