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Topics in Computational Fluid Dynamics


  • Introduction to CFD, examples.
  • Incompressible flows.
  • Numerical methods for potential and thermal flows
  • Numerical methods for viscous flows: steady Stokes equations
  • Discretization techniques for steady and unsteady Navier-Stokes equations.
  • Advanced optional topic (1): compressible flows.
  • Advanced optional topic (2): fluid and structure interaction.

Material will be provided during classes.

Continuum Mechanics

  • Kinematics of deformable bodies
  • Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions of motion
  • The balance laws of continuum mechanics: conservation of mass, linear and angular momentum,  and energy
  • Solid mechanics: nonlinear and linearized elasticity
  • Fluid dynamics: the Navier-Stokes equations

 Textbook:  M. Gurtin, Introduction to Continuum Mechanics, Academic Press 1981


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