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Noe Angelo Caruso

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+39 040 3787 291

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I’m currently a PhD candidate in Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications. My current research interests are in numerical analysis, with particular emphasis on underlying theoretical functional analytic aspects. My thesis topic is in Krylov subspace methods and projection methods. My main area of research interest is on the edge between numerical analysis and topics in pure functional analysis. • I enjoy working with operator theory on Hilbert (or more generally Banach) spaces, with special focus on – Properties of cyclic vector spaces. – Spectral theory of operators. – Bounded as well as unbounded operators (e.g. integral or differential operators). • My thesis is concerned with studying Krylov subspace algorithms and general Petrov-Galerkin projection methods. In particular I am studying: – Convergence properties of projection methods – Suitability of Krylov spaces to approximate the solution(s) to linear inverse problems. – Numerical analysis and methods for non-linear operator equations.


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