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Saddam Hijazi

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+39 040 3787 310
Special Positions: 
Math Students' representatives in the School Council

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shijazi (at)
Essential Bio: 

I am a first year Phd student in the MAMA program. I have done my bachelor in telecommunications engineering at An-Najah univeristy in Nablus, Palestine. Then I have joined Erasmus joint master program called MathMods (Mathematical Modelling in Engineering) where I have studied in two universities which are University of L'Aquila in Italy and University of Hamburg in Germany. I have done my master thesis under the supervision of Professor Gianluigi Rozza with Dr Andrea Mola and Dr Giovanni Stabile as co-adivsors. My thesis title was Reduced order methods for computational fluid dynamics parametric problems with finite volumes discretization. In my thesis wrok we have dealt with the problem of flow around circular cylinder as a FSI problem with many interesting features from both the physical and mathematical point view.

I am now doing my PhD also supervised by Professor Rozza where my interests are always related to Applied Mathematics and in particular Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis. In more details our work is about reduced order modelling for complex problems like Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) problems where the discretization technique is finite volumes, also we are interested in adding uncertainties to our model parameters and to study how they can affect the output of interest.

My work:
You can have a look on this paper

My poster that I have presented in QUIET conference


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