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Door label

SISSA - Mathematics Area Door Signs

Make your own door sign for Mathematics Area

Write the names of the occupants in the order you want to display them, separated by a comma (no space after the comma), and click "submit". If you want to add on the sign the name of the research group (only if the room isn't shared and possibly using the website denomination, fill in the "Group" field, too. The groups to choose among are Geometry and Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications, SISSA Mathlab. You may also choose to leave the field blank.
Important! Before printing, in "File -> Page setup" select "A4" and "Landscape", and when you print, in the "Preference" tab, select both "Print background colors" and "Print background images". Please notice that in order to render the exact fonts you should use either Chrome or Explorer, since apparently Firefox fails at it.
Important! Tear apart margins using the plastic layer you find outside your office.

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