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Geometry and Mathematical Physics

∙ Integrable systems in relation with differential, algebraic and symplectic geometry, as well as with the theory of random matrices, special functions and nonlinear waves, Frobenius manifolds • Deformation theory, moduli spaces of sheaves and of curves, in relation with supersymmetric gauge theories, strings, Gromov-Witten invariants, orbifolds and automorphisms
• Quantum groups, noncommutative Riemannian and spin geometry, applications to models in mathematical physics
• Mathematical methods of quantum mechanics
• Mathematical aspects of quantum Field Theory and String 
• Symplectic geometry, sub-riemannian geometry

• Geometry of quantum fields and strings

Mathematical Methods of Condensed Matter Physics

Topics to be covered include:

-) Introduction to lattice Schroedinger operators.
-) Disordered systems. Anderson localization, supersymmetric mapping.
-) Topological transport, bulk-edge duality.
-) Many-body systems, renormalization group.

Lecture period: May 18 - June 26. Duration: 30 hours.



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